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05. Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Unal&Partners, provides legal services about criminal actions and administrative fines arising from general, administrative, financial, economical, communication, media and also trademark, patent and industrial design, trade, tax, insurance, bank, e-commerce, capital market, unfair competition law in the field of intellectual property in Turkey, by starting from the phases of investigation and proceedings of the related matters mentioned above, following these phases and prosecution of an action and managing the process as a complainant, suspect or defence attorney in the field of Criminal Law.

Our Firm especially executes legal investigation and assessment of the transactions relating to custody, detention, keeping under supervision, questioning, search, confiscation, tracing with technical vehicles, due diligence and recording in litigation criminal court of peace, criminal court of first instance, high criminal court, and files objections, if required, against the resolutions given in this sense and also carries out the processes about appealing the criminal cases and meeting with the detainees and convicts in prison.

Legal Proceedings of the transactions relating to transferring and extraditing to Turkey of T.R. citizens who committed crime abroad within extradition, Pursuing the Criminal Cases in Turkey relating to the international organised crimes in all steps, Pursuing the criminal cases included in organised crimes, financial crimes and drug crimes, drug crimes defence lawyer in Istanbul all phases and managing the process in all steps, Ünal&Partners especially provides expert criminal lawyers in Turkey in the field of Criminal Law in Turkey and legal consulting services about criminal law.

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Read through our publications and make an enquiry to learn more and get the legal advice you need as soon as possible.

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