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03. Citizenship Law and Immigration

Citizenship Law and Immigration

Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program was first introduced on 12.01.2017 and amended significantly on 18.09.2018. Within the scope of this regulation, Turkey now grants citizenship to foreigners who buy real estate in Turkey worth at least $400.000 under the condition that the property is not sold for at least 3 years. By purchasing a property of valued minimum $400.000 USD in any part of Turkey or making $500.000 capital investment, a foreign investor will be able to get Turkish Citizenship for him/herself and the family within 3 months.

​Citizenship applications requires careful and professional attention by specialized immigration lawyer who knows ins and outs of this process and who can represent clients vis-a-vis government authorities. 

With a deep expertise and experience on all of the above mentioned investment options of Turkish Citizenship Program from the very beginning, we conduct and follow up all the steps and procedures very diligently for our clients from different countries. 


We actively take part in the every phases to manage the process under the best possible legal framework from A to Z and in full compliance with the related official regulations. We assure confidence&transparency, simplify complexities and ensure a successful outcome for our clients​

Moreover to that, we provide cutting-edge legal service for foreigners who intend to extend their stay in Turkey beyond the time limit specified in their visa, those who require a visa exemption or intend to stay for more than ninety days must obtain a residence permit.

Our team of lawyers for Turkish immigration law and residence law will accompany you, your family and/or your company in all legal matters on the way to Turkey. Our firm, with its office in İstanbul will advise and represent you in all matters relating to Turkish immigration law and residence permits in Turkey.

Find out about the areas we advise in on this page. Contact us today if you have a matter which requires professional legal counsel. Our contact details are located at the end of this page. Also, read through our publications and make an enquiry to learn more and get the legal advice you need as soon as possible.

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Read through our publications and make an enquiry to learn more and get the legal advice you need as soon as possible.

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