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06. Corporate and Commercial  Law

Corporate and Commercial Law

Unal&Partners provides services in the following subject matters to be needed especially by the Corporations; Turkish and Foreign capital company formation in Turkey, auditing, drawing up corporation charters and formation procedures, Providing foreign companies with legal consulting service in Istanbul, Providing legal consulting service about the investments in foreign countries for Turkish Companies in Istanbul, Determining the company rules and filing action for annulment, Executing legal merger and taking over, Company formation in Turkey with foreign partner, Establishing affiliated company in Turkey by foreign companies, Establishing contact offices in Turkey by foreign companies, Carrying out the capital market procedures, Capital increases and capital decreases procedures in Turkey, Reviewing of Financial leasing and leasing procedures, Litigation of unfair competition in Istanbul, Litigation about preventing breaching of trade title, Suspension of bankruptcy and restructuring procedures, Filing tax dispute cases in Istanbul, Drawing up local and international contracts, Executing the procedures of transfer of the company,  Filing trademark in Istanbul and patent cases in Turkey, Filing personal actions of the companies, Preparing of due diligence report in Istanbul, Reviewing and inspecting of the commercial books of the companies, Drawing up, auditing, issuing of franchising, joint ventures, know-how, leasing and licensing agreements, Drawing up and revising of distributorship agreements, Drawing up and revising of construction contracts, Drawing up and revising of commodity, service, sale and purchase agreements.


Our firm also provides partners, manager and employees of the companies that it has executed consulting services with training services in Turkey such as Commercial Law, Law of Obligations, Law of Contracts, Tax Law. The company that consulted is properly directed to newly adopted legislation and the transactions executed are easily audited. Moreover the firm regulates the companies formation and investments in the firms founded with foreign capital and firms with Turkish partners, draws up the related agreements in this respects, also provides any legal services that the clients have needed after founding the company as well as about sustaining the legal consulting services for their clients intending for the relevant department and other public institutions.


Find out about the areas we advise in on this page. Contact us today if you have a matter which requires professional legal counsel. Our contact details are located at the end of this page. Also, read through our publications and make an enquiry to learn more and get the legal advice you need as soon as possible.

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Read through our publications and make an enquiry to learn more and get the legal advice you need as soon as possible.

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